Management Team

liz-aaronAaron Muller, President

With Paul Whittier, Aaron founded Mr. Truck Wash in 2008. Previously he had owned and operated a mobile truck wash company from 1992 and then sold it in 2000. His passion for the industry never subsided and after watching the industry lack growth in practices he witnessed a huge need for quality washing and legitimate waste water management. Aaron helped develop innovative, proprietary equipment that recaptures and recycles water during the onsite truck washing process. Aaron sees green business as a calling. An entrepreneur since the age of 18, he zealously merges the practical and idealistic at MTW.

paulPaul Whittier, Vice-President

Paul co-founded Mr Truck Wash with Aaron Muller in 2008 with the aim of running a full-service truck washing company that could guarantee its clients that by using it, they would be in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. Already a successful entrepreneur, Paul helped fill a hole in the Pacific Northwest’s market with the start of MTW. Proud of the company’s eco-friendly record, Paul helps generate new business and ensures that all aspects of MTW remain on the cutting edge of green cleaning technology.

pic-mayumiMayumi Muller, Vice President of Business Development

Mayumi has been with MTW since 2012. She meets with potential clients and educates them about the unique methods and results on offer. She focuses on businesses who are concerned about the environment and introduces them to MTW’s eco-friendly techniques and equipment. Mayumi is all about providing exceptional service and communication. MBTI certified and formerly a business development rep. with Sherwin-Williams, a Fortune 500 company, Mayumi joined MTW because she believes in its community-focused, green mission. She enjoys meeting new customers and sharing with them the mechanics and benefits of our proprietary water recapture system and cleaning process. Mayumi believes that small, conscientious businesses can make a big impact in the community and is proud to be part of MTW.

pic-garyGary Oswold, Operations Manager (Truck Washing Div)

Gary has been with MTW in 2008 just after inception – he left an 18-year position to join the team because he believes in the company’s eco-friendly mission. “I call it next generation washing,” he said of the recapture and recycle systems. “I think what we do is pretty cool.” Gary ensures that operations run smoothly and that each job strictly complies with best practices. He deals with customer service, schedules jobs, and oversees operations both at the office and at job sites. A Seattle native, Gary is an ex NFL football player, but don’t let his size scare you he’s a Teddy Bear!

pic-darinDarin Sell, Wastewater & Quality Compliance

Darin is our designated Waste Water Compliance officer. He drives around to job sites and makes sure our crews are properly capturing the water per our company policies and environmental regulations. At the same time he does spot checks on wash jobs to help us maintain a high quality product for our clients.– he likes to keep his mind working at a high level. Educated at Highline Community College and South Seattle Community College, Darin has worked for MTW since 2010.

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